Taste of Ensenada

Entering into the Bahia Todos Los Santos

After 36 hours at sea, we finally arrive in Ensenada, Baja California. As we enter into the bay I am flooded with memories from the year before when we sailed to Mexico during my Spring Break. It was comforting to be back in a place I had enjoyed so much. I went out onto the trampoline and did one of my Heartwood Path activities, knowing it was one of the last moments of peace and quiet at sea before arriving in the bustling down of Ensenada.

Doing a Heartwood Path Activity

I sat on the bow and appreciated the sunlight dancing on the ripples of the glassy ocean. I was mesmerized as it sparkled in such a spontaneous and fluid motion. It reminded me to not just live, but to dance, in the present moment. That was what I decided I would do along this journey of self-discovery.

Entering the Marina in Ensenada, which acts as a Cruise ship destination, the largest commercial fishing port in Baja, and many Cruiser’s first stop in Mexico
Checking Natural Mystic and crew into Mexico

When we arrive, first things first, we head to the seafood cocktales followed by heading back to my favorite fruit stand for a piña colada. Basically it was a mad dash to enjoy the tastiest array of food in all of Mexico. Yes, we had to go to the port captain office and do lots of paper work with visas and brush up on our spanglish. Sign all kinds of documents and receive papers I was told not to loose. Luckily Kyber is a pro at this and I just kinda signed random dotted lines on documents written in Spanish.

Seafood Cocktails – shrimp, clams, oysters, fish ceviche, octopus, scallops, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, ketchup, avocado, hot salsa, and lots of fresh lime
Super fresh piña colada from my favorite stand

Seafood cockatles, ceviche tostadas, pina coladas, tamales, fish tacos, churros, pacificos, repeat. And I mean, literally we would eat that everyday and just sit there savoring every single bite thinking how happy we are to be back in Ensenada and eat the food we have missed oh too very much.

Baja-Style Fish Tacos in the making
Tacos Fenix – the best in Ensenada

Finally, thank god, it is time to get my stuff organized on the boat. Kyber clears about 3/4 of a twin sized bed for my belongings. I struggled to figure out how I was going to keep all of my dresses (which is 90% of what I wear) wrinkle free. This was a girl’s nightmare. No closet, no bookshevles. I was in fact brought to tears realizing I had no idea how I was going to make this work without simply piling all of my stuff on top of each other and then having to refold it all everytime I got dressed.

This is what I was working with on our voyage

Eventually, we found some stick-on hooks and I hung my dresses behind the door. I was proud of my handy-woman work and pulled off hanging my dresses. Then a few minutes later, Kyber comes down with two giant storage containers and says that they have to go in that spot too. I had just gotten my stuff perfectly organized in the space he gave me and now he was taking 1/3 of the space back. He told me my clothes needed to be piled up higher on top of each other.

The storage containers that Kyber informed me needed to also fit in my space… after I had already organized it all.

Yes, I ended up crying. “Boo hoo, get over it your clothes are wrinkled,” I could hear the boys thinking. But it was a mixture of the fear of, when a fancy date night comes along and I have nothing worthy to wear, as well as the fear of, how am I going to survive living in such awkward corridors with all of my belongings shoved in hard to get it out places. It hit me, I brought too much stuff. Now I was going to have to deal with it.

Jam packed but making it work
My “closet”

I got the dresses hung on stick-on hooks behind a door. I was able to stack all of my clothes in neat piles. All of the little things like jewelry, toiletries, essential oils, camera supplies, and (yes I’m a hippy) crystals, I had organized into many little pretty bags that all went into one bigger bag. Made it possible to access each item individually without having to sort through it all. I am writing this part for both girls to relate and understand how to make it work, as well as for the boys to understand what girls are going through on your boat. And maybe it will help both boys and girls make this transition smoother than I did. Eventually I got all of my belongs perfectly organized and easy to access and finally felt at ease. Kyber let me hang 4 dresses (on 2 hangers) in his closet for date night and then it was smiles all around.

Green Pepper and Cheese Tamales “Reyes con relleno de queso”
Tasty churro dessert on our way back to the marina

We quickly get to work on preparing the boat for being out at sea. I hate that so many of the jobs I am unable to help with. It would take longer to explain to me how to do it than to just do it himself. However I was relieved when I heard we had many loads of laundry to do! Yay! A woman’s job (sorry feminism movement) but really, honestly. Dishes, vacuuming, and laundry. I decided I could easily be given those jobs on the boat.

Sigh… Laundry Day.

I’m sitting in Ensenada Cruiseport Village doing all of the laundry for the boat and it’s crew.  Feeling very grateful to have access to a clean laundry room! If only you could smell the detergent and hear the steady click clack of the rotating machines. I am also feeling grateful to have such an inspiring, uplifting, way to pass the time by doing my next Heartwood Path activity.

Reading the printed version of the Heartwood Path and filling out my journal

I sat outside the laundry room with my eyes on the machines. After appreciating the  storm clouds with the sun shining on them, the activity talked about what you want to see occur in the world and how you will have to be to evoke your improved image of a better world. Click “Continue Reading” below to hear what I came up with as the laundry machines spun round and round, helping us cross items off the to do list.

After doing this activity I saw many ways I could improve but did not feel overwhelmed. Each day, the Heartwood Path text and my impressions from the activities have lingered in my mind. I feel in tune with my emotions and wellness. I feel like my true self is unfolding, like it is there within and slowly, diligently, I am bringing it to the surface to share with the world.

Admiring the clouds as I do our laundry

I finished folding the laundry and pushed it in the dock cart all the way back to the boat. I was so grateful to have found a way to contribute to the work done on the boat. I am always searching for ways to help out and yes!!!! I found one! Clean clothes and towels for everyone!

? Soundtrack:

“Upside Down” – Jack Johnson

What I want to see in the world is people viewing the earth as part of themselves because if we were to do that we would see pollution as hurting not only the environment but also ourselves. I want people to stop their single-use mindset and think about how much energy they waste by throwing away plastic waste. I want people to reduce how much they buy and consume. Then to reuse their stuff as much as they can until it no longer works, then find a way to recycle it, with landfills as last resort. Regift, resale etc.

I want people to understand where their food comes from and stand up to toxic additives and to demand transparency. I want people to eat real food, healthy food, food with nutrients, not empty calories. I want people to know their farmer and grow their own food!

I want people to have compassion and help those in need. Volunteer their time to people less fortunate. Bring people up with compliments, not bring people down. Think we not me. Spread the Christmas cheer all times of year. Be less greedy.

Avoid oil, try not to be so spOILed! Work to promote renewable energy by installing solar panels and or researching better alternatives. By fighting leaky pipelines. By doing their own research, not relying on the media! By thinking for themselves, and by fostering their own gifts and using them to make the world a better place.

How I will evoke this image:

-paradigm shift

-thinking green/blue all the time

-avoid non-biodegradable soaps (seeking advice from fellow Cruisers)

-avoid single use

-consume less

-repurpose waste

-ask where my food comes from

-buy from farms, natural food stores, cook from scratch, support local, avoid GMO (too much mystery about effects), avoid preservatives (longer the shelf life, the shorter yours), avoid refined sugar and bleached wheat, grow my own food (install hydroponic systems on Natural Mystic, and expand container garden, volunteer at local farms to trade for produce)

-smile everywhere!

-give hugs, when in a bad mood avoid others until I am happy again, spread the good vibe, avoid criticism, only give constructive criticism when necessary, give compliments,

-give give give until it hurts, and then, give a little more, inspire, lead by example

-work to install more solar panels on Natural Mystic

-sign petitions, spread awareness, post on social media about important issues

-do the Heartwood Path activities and work on my personal growth. Make it a top priority. Tame my ego and be open to learn and love. Understand who I am, what I am good at, so I can use my gifts.

Also remember to ask myself… What time is it? now. Where am I? here. Remember how small my problems are. Remember to count my blessings, often. Stay positive, one love! …learn …grow!”


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