Starry Nights

Driving out of the Ensenada Cruiseport Village

We set out from Ensenada. All we knew was south, sail south. I heard talks about stopping in San Quentin and various islands, etc. but we had no agenda, no itinerary. Days went by and we are still sailing. Sailing fast. We were making excellent progress down the Baja California coast. Paul and Kyber were switching off, 4 hour shifts.

Under sail full speed ahead

It was exhilarating when we would go past 10 knots, which we did quite a bit, fun between 7-10 knots and serene between 3-7. My favorite time at sea was the nighttime. All you saw was blue, 50 shades of blue. The moon, stars, and occasional white caps were white but other than that, the most amount of variation of one color you could ever imagine. The clouds were even a shade of blue. Midnight blue was the ocean.

The thing that kept catching my eye every single night was Mars and Venus, shining ever so bright, steady, solid, powerful. We talked about how those are our neighbors and how we fit right in between the those two planets. Just at that moment, we got a puff and Natural Mystic was surfing the swell. I felt like we were being carried very fast through outer space and headed directly  between those two planets. Then it hit me, we are. We just don’t notice that we are all on this planet swirling and twirling throughout our galaxy, the Milky Way.

Yellowfin Tuna we caught trolling

When I did the Heartwood Path Activity about the 54 Natural Senses, some of the senses at the time might as well have been locked. I could not even imagine what they felt like. So I began looking at the natural sense list and I realized, here, out at sea, just me, my love, and my cat, I was able to activate incredible amounts of those natural senses that now I see were not locked, they were just dormant. I now understand that is one of the most important goals of the Heartwood Path. Far too many of us, have far too many of our natural senses dormant, to the point they feel locked. We must, cliché I know, awaken to the nature of happiness. Quick… like, yesterday. But there is no going back, only forward and boy am I feeling grateful to live life so much more aware. Nothing like sailing at night to heighten your natural senses.

Insane poké that we made into nori wraps with sushi rice and sashimi sauce

Sigh. The stars (at this point, Mars and Venus). Each night just after sunset Mars and Venus were the first on the scene. Perfectly lined up with the moon. Reminding me of our place in the universe. Each night the stars mesmerized me. Kyber’s shift was usually 4pm-8pm. By 8pm it was pitch black. I loved seeing the transformation in the sky.

Watching the stars come out

One night, there was one star that was so so bright. I wondered if it was a planet. But after appreciating it for long enough, I noticed it twinkled, not just faintly, but almost flickered, multi-colors sparking out like lazers… contrasting the deep blue sky. Then I looked around, all the stars twinkled but not quite as bright as my favorite.

I thought about getting the star guide and seeing if I could learn it’s name. Then I thought, “What’s in a name?” I decided not to look it up but for the rest of the night it could be my star, my star that gave me consent to use it as guidance and healing. What exactly did I learn from this star? Well, I learned I don’t know why they twinkle and planets shine brightly. I was inspired by the masculinity of planets to shine bright and strong and the femininity of stars to dance and radiate light. I saw why they came up with stories about all the constellations. Out at sea with no view of land in any direction, in the dark of night, the stars remind me of mystery and the unknown. And how that can get your imagination infinitely imaginable and it reminds me to always reach for the stars. I learned that the stars tell a story, if you have the luxury to slow down and listen. 

Still doesn’t do it justice.

Then after 4 days/nights sailing, 600+ miles later, the wind stopped, our wandering was over and we motored the last 14 miles to the closest anchorage, Bahia Santa Maria. I was ever so grateful that we were able to sail that far, using no diesel or gasoline, and living off of solar and wind power.


“Moonlight Drive” -The Doors

“Moondance” -Van Morrison

New Years Eve Fire

Beautiful natural attraction in the midst of the bustling marina

New Years vibes! I am on a journey of self-discovery so the whole New Years resolutions resonated heavily with me. The edge of the Cruiseport village is surrounded by palm trees. The love way the palm fronds radiate out from one central point, reach up to the sky with solid, strong, sturdy strength, inspiring, reaching. They sway in the wind but remain straight at the same time. These palm trees inspired me to set my 2017 New Years Resolution to be solid, strong, sturdy and to reach and shoot for the stars. I want to remain determined to stay on my path and journey, with strength, however have the capacity to go with the flow and sway in the world that is life. Each leaf resembled a New Years Resolution, starting at the middle (core) and shooting for the stars!

Riding on Kyber’s handlebars while Disco rides in the milk crate on the back

New Years Eve. Classic! Our close friends Tina and Tracey are also in the Cruiseport Village so we are able to all get together to enjoy the holiday. I get dressed in my gold sequence top and hop on the handlebars of Kyber’s bike, Disco in his cat carrier in the milk crate, and we all three ride around the marina to their finger. I was feeling very grateful that a good friend Liz Clark had donated her old Patagonia rain jacket to the boat because it was pouring down rain. We climb onto their boat and I climb down the ladder into the cabin and to my surprise it was warm and cozy. They have a fireplace in their boat, something I keep telling Kyber we need but he always says we hope to head back to the tropics where you wont need that.

Absolute down pour as we venture out for a night on the town

After a few Flor De Caña drinks we all get motivated to head out to Hussongs the famous classic bar in Ensenada. We stop back by the boat to drop off Disco and I give him a NYE kiss goodbye (literally he is trained to give kisses). We set out a group of 10 in the extreme down-pour of rain. Finally we realize that we should take shelter until the rain let up a bit before we get absolutely soaking wet. We enter into a hotel lobby and then into their bar. It was dark and surprisingly happening, being a holiday and all. There is a mexican man doing kareoke, singing in English (clearly his second language), so the Flor De Caña starts to get my mind going. It’s New Years Eve. I know no one in the entire town. I have a group of 10 people. LETS DO KARAOKE! I talk to the DJ and tell him to put “Kyber” on the list, grab the list of songs, and head back to the bar, to find my Margarita waiting. I go around asking all 10 people if they would do karaoke, thinking these are cruisers, kinda wild and free, I’m sure they will join. To my surprise, Kyber says yes, (I think he didn’t think I would actually do it) and then our friend CF says yes too! Everyone else refuses the plea. Finally we decide on “Super Freak” by Rick James.

….¿You had to be there? Me, Kyber, and CF doing Karaoke to Rick James

Next thing I know, the DJ says it’s Kyber’s turn and we take the stage. I take off my blue rain jacket and could feel the eyes on my sparkle sequence top. The music has got me going and I am dancing as if we are performing alone in a bar in Mexico on NYE with no one we know around. All the sudden I try and sing into the mic and Kyber has completely taken over. CF and I could barely get the background vocals in as he sings every word with extreme Kyber entuhusiasm. After a few attempts at the mic, I realize I have been demoted to backup dancer and girl background singer. Leaving CF standing next to Kyber, probably wondering why he agreed to do this. Next thing I know Kyber is really into it. He is adding his own twists and variations on the tune and dancing like crazy. I’m sure the experience in our minds was absolutely 180 degrees different from the crowd’s perspective. All I know is at the end we got a big cheer and Tracey told me his jaw hurt from laughing the entire time. At least, if nothing else, it was a night to remember.

Cruising the vibrant streets in Ensenada to the music of continuous fire crackers

We leave the hotel bar and venture out into the streets. Everyone’s beautiful festive outfits covered up by their rain jackets. The whole town was one giant fiesta and fireworks were exploding everywhere non-stop. Then we get to Hussongs and you can’t even get a tequila shot it was so busy, only beers. After getting our beers we wander away from the crowded bar and check out the mariachi band. They were dressed in their New Years finest and playing Mexican classics as everyone around sings along. I then realize that there are actually 3 mariachi bands so we wander into another room where they are playing Oye Como Va by Santana. Music to my ears. I took a little video of them playing that song and these locals next to me started holding up their beers saying MEXICOOOO. I guess I had tourist written all over me. I responded back “TACOS!” Then we all held up our beers and screamed “tacos!” at the top of our lungs and cheersed. I started hysterically laughing that that just happened. We check out the other room and the band was much bigger. They had a guitar, stand up bass, saxophone, and accordian. At one point I looked around and realized I was the only one dancing. I was very confused and eventually got the pretty chicas next to me to join in.

Mariachi Band at Hussongs

Then we start to walk back to the Ensenada Cruiseport Village. The streets have gotten a little bit crazier and Kyber lights off a firework right in the middle of the strip. All of the car alarms start going off so we all take off running. (Mind you, this was happening everywhere) Then Kyber is walking down the street and quickly decides to go the other way, cuts to the left and crosses the street. As I change directions to follow him, my legs slip out from underneath me, and I lay completely flat on my back in a puddle of rain in the dirty streets of Mexico. Then two heads pop into my view of the sky, Paul and Tracey. Oh how I will never forget their faces showing up to my rescue. They reach out their arms and help me up. Kyber is on the other side of the street, and had no idea. I start hysterically laughing about how silly that was and continue on my way. Note to self, rubber flip flops in the rainy streets have no traction. We wander back to the marina in the pouring down rain and I realize that it is not just me that is soaking wet from my fall and I take off my rain jacket and begin to dance in the rain, feeling ever so grateful to wash off the streets of Mexico.

Kid in a candy store, a.k.a. Kyber buying Fireworks

We arrive in the marina and Kyber runs to the boat to get his fireworks he had purchased a few days before. The songs “Fire” by the Ohio Players, “I’m On Fire” by Cheryl Lynn, “Love is Like Fire” by Delegation are all ironically coming out of my little Bose Speaker as we dance around the parking lot. With every BOOM of the fireworks I can’t help but scream. I even see the fuze slowly disintegrating and leading to the firework but still, it shocks me every time.

Fireworks en la marina
BOOM… snap crackle pop. Reflecting over the water.

Kyber is having way too much fun. When the fireworks light up so does his face. I have never seen so much wildness in his eyes. His face is lit up brighter than the brightest firework. Then all the sudden everyone is gone. I look down the E finger and everyone is running, so I run too. BUSTED. I didn’t turn off the Bose speaker and they followed us right to the boat. I decided the chances of getting in trouble, if it was a young girl they were talking to, were much slimmer so I just started using my (still quite rusty Spanish) saying the mantra, “chico es loco” over and over. But they demand to receive the name of the Captain. So Tracey says, “ok, here is my name but I didn’t shoot off any fireworks.” As they walk away, and turn down the docks I see at the end of Tracey and Tina’s boat the giant package from the bottle rockets sticking out of the trash can. Maybe it wasn’t just the music that gave us away.

Kyber’s smile, bright as a firework

We do our provisioning at Smart and Final and also head to an epic fruiteria with everything you could ask for. Lots of different peppers, chilis, papaya, eggs (feathers still stuck to the shells), local honey (sold in recycled plastic containers), fresh cheeses with samples, local extra virgin infused olive oils and olives, dulceria stands (candy for the kids), bulk rice and jamaica (hibiscus tea), tamarind, and limón (lime) and lima (lemon). Oh and husks from corn for the tamales. Bustling and almost felt like we were ripping them off because it was so cheap.

We found a farmer’s market style produce street that is open daily
One of many of the fruit stands all in a row

Then it was time to start the real journey. I had been to Ensenada the year before but now it was time to head to uncharted waters, the wilds of Baja.

Thank god we are on a Catamaran, mono-hull cruisers are always so surprised that we are able to sail full speed ahead with all of our stuff stored this way
Natural Mystic looking well-stocked for a sail down Baja


“I’m On Fire” -Cheryl Lynn

“Love Is Like Fire” -Delegation

“Super Freak” -Rick James

“Oye Como Va” -Santana