Disco Cat

A boat cat is born

As a little black kitten I was rescued by Courtney and Kyber from the Montecito Pet Shop on the Mesa of Santa Barbara and moved onto the LighterBro Boat as a 10 week old scraggly kitten destined for the sea.

Disco attacking his best bud Stanley back in Santa Barbara Harbor

I’ve now lived in lots of harbors and ports and have lots of other boat cat friends all over the world. While I might like exploring other boats when no one is home, I know Natural Mystic is my boat and I will always come back, even if it means swimming and yes I have fallen into the water a couple of times.

Disco exploring an old boat in Ensenada

I love finding fresh squid on deck and catching bait fish out of the bait bucket. Then hopefully using my black cat stealthiness to sneak past Mom and Dad, eating my catch in a dark corner and then leaving the fish heads, squid eyes and beak as a surprise for all to find and smell later.  I enjoy days sleeping awkwardly in the sun, to giant stretchs and then sleeping some more. Around sunset I go into spooky cat mode, arching my back, curling my long tail and pouncing around like a possessed demon kitty.

I love eating Squid!

I can do a Raptor call when I see flies and will eat them! I’ve got enchanting green eyes and am all black with a little white Disco ball on my belly and white disco hair sparkles mixed in my coat. I love to sleep at my Dad’s feet and when he blows his nose, I am ready to intercept the paper towel before its thrown away and quickly shred it to pieces. I absolutely love playing fetch, just like a dog, only with socks, toy mice and wine corks. I also learned lots of tricks because of the training my parents did with me and can come (“here kitty kitty”), sit, stand, down, 360, high five, kiss and am currently working on roll over.

Disco Sailing Into Cabo San Lucas

My ideal day would be spent playing fetch with my mice and shredding paper towels, followed by a feast of Greeenies and doing all my tricks. But I also love sailing and can be found with the wind in my fur at the helm station keeping watch and love to curl up in Dad’s lap under the stars, keeping each other warm on a cold night’s watch.

Sleeping in the warm sun is what I do best!