Kyber’s Bio

Born and raised in Santa Barbara, California where the diversity of the natural environment fostered a deep love for both the ocean, mountains and all their nature. I then got the opposite urban influence, attending USC in downtown L.A., studying both business and biology. When ten years ago, following my childhood dream of sailing around the word. I traded in a successful real estate career, for a life exploring our planets oceans, the lands and people which inhabit them, on the LighterBro Boat.

Santa Barbara Harbor and the coastal mountains in the distance

And I call her that because she is why the LighterBro MulltiTool is here today. Living a lifestyle where you are much more self sustaining and needing basic tools including fire on you at all times and where sharing smiles and drinks with the people you meet along the way is part of daily life. LighterBro MultiTool needed to be invented, to make life, just too easy! And it was invented, because my business partner Matt and myself worked hard to make it happen. We figured out not only how to make a product, but make our product affordable, yet very high quality, as well as very high utility. For my lifestyle absolutely demands it. My life is on the line! I constantly sail across oceans, seas and channels of ill repute, to land our Red Rocket dingy, then exploring remote parts of our earth’s land. If I am going to have one tool to live and survive by it better work well and help me in any kind of emergency.

I spent many a day growing up surfing and sailing at Santa Barbara Harbor & Sand Bar

Now this blog exits to spread the idea of Livin LighterBro by sea. By where when we live in harmony with each other and our world, true symbiosis is achieved, making life too easy with too many smiles for everyone. Just like the metaphor the LighterBro MultiTool is. Simply two of the most different yet used daily items, unified into one compact engineered indestructible masterpiece of simplicity. LighterBro MultiTool makes anyone’s life who has one simply more convenient to get all those simple tasks done quickly. It sounds clichéd, but LighterBro® MultiTool makes your life, Lighter Bro! Girls Too! As my lovely girlfriend Courtney will attest.

LighterBro MultiTool prepares you for anything and a good time!

Please come along with us on our adventure of Livin LighterBro. Where our lifestyle endeavors us to live a bit lighter in our world. For, we have to make our own power, fresh water (from saltwater) and catch our food, which all translates into energy! Which either comes from buying gasoline and diesel, expensive and polluting, or maximizing our boats solar panels and wind turbine for generating clean energy and focusing on using less resources in our general course of life. For we have to keep all trash we make on the boat for lengthy times (we also do beach cleanups along the way), disposing of it properly on shore and we have to conserve our boats stores at a moderate pace, as we can’t always instantly get more. As often the nearest store is a 1000 nautical mile sail away and we average 10 knots at best.

Typical trash I find on beaches everywhere. Here I’m using the washed up containers to collect all the smaller trash to dispose of properly. 

Living this lifestyle while developing LighterBro MultiTool is a main reason, the principals of high quality and durably was built into our tool. For everywhere I sailed, I saw trash! Plastic trash, Styrofoam trash, metal trash, and I wanted to build a tool that would not end up to be trash, but reduce the trash. The world’s ubiquitous Bic® Lighter is the one of the most carelessly used, lost, stolen and haphazardly discarded plastic products in our world. Yet it works great and lasts a very long time if you can hang on to it. So, when you combine the Bic® lighter or instant fire with a lighter sleeve that is a super useful multitool, made of only the finest imported Japanese stainless steel to be as corrosion resistant in the marine environment as possible, yet have super sharp tool/knife edges that stay sharp. Then is riveted together, not screwed, so the stainless steel rivets insure your LighterBro MultiTool will never come apart and simply keep working forever, as long as you take care of it.

This unbelievable tool that makes your life too easy, means now you will not loan out your lighter and forget about it. No way! You now keep you LighterBro close, its too useful to let a “friend” jack and when the lighter runs out eventually and has to be replaced it, its a process. You slide out the old one, its now trash, throwing it away in a proper receptacle, then sliding in a new lighter. This refill process, means a person is more likely to throw that lighter in the trash reducing the plastic litter in our world one lighter at a time, as well as using up all the gas of the entire disposable lighter, which never happened to you before, because you always lost your lighter before it ran out. Thank you, problem solved!

LighterBro MultiTool helping keep Rincon Point crystal clear & clean for future generations to enjoy like I got to.

That is kind of a long spiel about our product, but you get it.  LighterBro is helpful for you and good for our earth and hopefully that is what is all about. Doing some good for our world and everyone in it, by bringing our world and our LighterBro lifestyle closer to you.

LighterBro Boat happily anchored under a double rainbow

Please understand this entire page you just read, was written by a computer powered right now, by both solar and wind the entire time, so its possible to really be Livin LighterBro and make a positive difference for our earth while still using the modern electric technology we all need & love.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy our stories.